Blue Sky’s Best is Now Offering Fresh Goat Milk!

Here at Blue Sky’s Best we are a family owned and operated, diversified farm providing high quality food for your family to enjoy!

Lets BlogRaw Goat Milk is delicious! It is a good source of protein, calcium and many other vitamins, and minerals. Raw Goat Milk has LIVE bacteria and metabolic agents known to aid in the digestion of these proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Pasteurization kills not only the “possibly” harmful bacteria, but the beneficial bacteria as well. Raw Goat Milk is also shown to have less allergy causing agents than pasteurized, cow’s milk. Many people who are lactose intolerant can still enjoy the benefits of Raw Goat’s Milk.

blue skys best milking room standsBesides reasons mentioned, the main benefit in Raw Goats Milk is Bio-availability. This means the nutrients are in a form the body can actually use. It is believed consuming Raw Goat Milk also has the ability to reduce inflammation, optimize digestion, strengthen bone, boost heart health, increase immunity, increase metabolism, and benefit overall health.

This is just a short list of the many benefits of Raw Goats Milk, there is much more information available and we encourage everyone to do their own research into this healthy and natural part of a balanced diet.

What you can do with goat milk:

  • Drink It
  • Make Smoothies
  • Make Kefir
  • Make cheese
  • Make Soap


Anything you can do with cow’s milk…
you can do with goat milk!

Blue Skys Best Goat MilkWe have a herd that is primarily made up of Saanen, Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarfs. We also have a dedicated milking parlor to provide the most hygienic and sanitary milking area possible. The milk is collected by a milking machine, then filtered and refrigerated as quickly as possible in order to insure the best quality and flavor.